Weath Aero Fan
Full feathering cockpit controllable windmill.
Control the speed of the spray pump directly from the cockpit.
Preferred method for powering the spray pump.

Blades are molded from tough composite material and mounted with roller type thrust bearings. All steel parts are plated. Blade pitch is controlled through a push-button type vernier control cable. Blade design attains high power input to the pump. Adapts to most pumps and aircraft in use today. Requires removal of present fan and brake assembly, plus the drilling and tapping of a retainer cap screw hole in the end of the pump shaft. The control cable is installed according to individual desires but must be securely mounted. Blade full feather instantly to stop the pump. No brake is required. In the feathered position, drag is cut approximately in half as compared to standard plastic multiblade or wooden fans. Fuel savings will eventually pay for the fan.

Specify make and model of spray pump when ordering!

Four blade fan breakdown
5 blade fan breakdown