The TANIS system brings the entire engine up to a safe operating temperature by:

1. Heating the cylinder heads.

Heat is applied at each cylinder head using either thermocouple well heaters, extruded block heaters, intake bolt heaters, or rocker gasket heaters.

2. Applying heat to other critical points in the engine.

Additionally, a hot plug at the intake oil screen, a thermal pad, a hot oil drain plug, or a sump gasket heater may also be used.

3. Avoiding over heating the oil sump. which can "decrease the performance of the oil". (Ben Visser Aeroshel, Oct. 97 AOPA Pilot )

The Tanis system applies only a very moderate amount of heat to the oil sump as an aid in heating the entire engine rather than for the purpose of heating the oil.

The Tanis preheat system is safe, reliable, easy to install and most of all, it is a preheat system that provides you with an investment that you will not regret later!