PC Spray Screenshots

Switchboard - Task selection in PC Spray is usually accomplished through the Switchboard. A mouse click or hotkey takes you to the part of the program you want to use.

Customer Rolodex - Managing your customers is simple with the PC Spray Rolodex. Your customer information is accessed through a tree view, similar to Windows Explorer. Customers can be individually selected to be ineligible for discounts and/or service charges. Material in the Remarks section can be parsed (read) elsewhere in the program to target mailings to any selected group of customers.

Entering work orders is designed to be as painless as possible.  Much of the information on the work order comes from the various things you programmed during the setup.  The procedure here is to start typing till you see what you

Entering payments is a snap in PC Spray. Enter the check information then simply drag the check balance and drop it on the invoice you want it applied to. Drag and drop operations can be used flexibly to, for instance, apply a credit to an invoice or apply an invoice balance as a discount.