Surety online mapping system from AgriData Inc allows aerial applicators the ability to generate maps using the FSA acreage and field borders that can also be exported to a shape file.
  • Eliminate chances of spraying non target acres
  • Simplify taking orders over the phone
  • GPS coordinates to field center
FSA Style Map
Chemical Application Report
Surety Online Mapping has nation wide coverage of all current 2006 NAIP imagery and FSA field borders.   Surety allows aerial applicators to select or custom create field borders to be downloaded as a shape file in a fast and easy method.  Aerial applicators are also able to print aerial maps and application reports with this system.  These options allow the applicator to easily identify application fields and know the exact locations to the center of the field with GPS coordinates. Fly straight line to your field!. Save time!
​​​​​​​How does it work?