SPH4 Kevlar Helmet

Meets the 440# strength requirement for the chinstrap/retention assembly.
Best fitting helmet in the industry!
Adjustable to your head size and shape.
(Helmet size is based on hat size.
Regular fits sizes up to 7 1/8" hat size.
Size 7 1/4" and larger requires an extra large helmet).

SPH4, Kevlar with electrect mic (size Reglar or X-Large) $990 
SPH4, Kevlar, Deluxe, with ANR, Softskin, Oregon Seals $1420 

CellSet H9

ANR Headsets
Sunbill Visor

Simply plug a CellSet between your headset and intercomor radio, then into the headset jack on your cellular phone.
Talk on the phone through your headset. No installation is required

BluLink enables you to use your Bluetooth cell phone and any music source wirelessly in the cockpit. The BluLink will work with any cell phone with Bluetooth.

Helicopter to GA
Headset Adapter:

Converts U-174/u or U-93A plugs with U92A/U socket to
M642/4-1(PJ-055) and M642/5-1(PJ-068)

GA to Helicopter
Headset Adapter
Converts M642/4-1 (PJ-055) and M642/5-1(PJ-068)
plugs to U-174/u.