Designed by pilots so you know it's simple...

    Simple interface.

    Fast data input.

    Duplicate work order feature fills in most of the information for you when doing a lot of one type of work.

    Individually split application and product billing up to ten ways each.  Use fractions or percent.

    Remembers split information for previously treated fields.

    Multiple work orders per invoice or single work order per invoice.

    Elect to pay your pilots a percentage of application, or individually specify a wage for each pilot and type of work.

    Simple drag and drop entry of payments received.

    Report library of over 80 different reports, many graphical,  lets you see your business in new ways.

    Generate Restricted Use Pesticide reports.

    Track your program chemical use.  Every chemical can be a member of multiple programs.

    Ability to give incentive discounts to promote prompt payment.  Discount product, application or both.

    Assign and manage service charges on past due work.

    Individually assign customer eligibility for discounts and service charges.

    Assign surcharges to application work.

    Point of sale option allows you to create invoices "on the fly" for walk in customers.

    Assign sales tax by individual product, customer and location.

    Icarus Software can customize your program with your business logo or special reports.

    Create letters or labels based on information you specify.

    Tracks inventory.  See what products you have on hand at  the click of a button.

    Export any report to a number of formats including Word, Excel, character separated text or HTML.

    Calculates Loads

    Smart Splits:  Remembers your customer splits.

    Surcharges:  Assign surcharges or ferry fees to application work.

    Automatic backup to local drive on program exit.