Crophawk Flow Monitor
An indispensable tool for more than 7,500 crop dusters in operation today, the Crophawk® sets the standard in accurate chemical flow measurement.
One of the most critical tasks for the aerial applicator is to apply accurate quantities of chemicals to the field. However, there's no such thing as precise estimation. That's why we designed a product that puts an end to the guessing game.

The Crophawk Flow Monitoring System is designed to provide the ag-aircraft pilot with accurate chemical flow data. The system measures chemical as it flows from the tank to the spray boom and indicates the chemical flow rate on the cockpit display.

A wide variety of display channels are available. We're proud that the Crophawk has set new standards for accuracy and cost effective technology in the industry, and we'd like to tell you about our latest advance, the Crophawk Model 7/B